Univak, this name is derived from and is acronym of UNIVersal Automatic Communications

Pronunciation, the first three letters 'Uni' sounds same as the first three letters in the word Universe, and the last three letter 'vak' sounds same as the word Walk

Who We Are

We are the conduits and technical backbone of your business, Univak is a leading innovative technology provider for all businesses. Univak’s services and solutions can be used in any business and emerging entities around the world.

Univak's systems integration business, is a leading information technology solutions provider, specialized in IT services and solutions for the telecommunication and other niche industries. Univak also offers information technology infrastructure and consulting services.

Univak Vision

Technology leader providing technical services and solution within the world and outside

Univak Mission

Our mission is your success with our technology expertise

Univak Values

Focus on our Client goals

Passion on excellence in delivering

Integrity on performance of the work

Hardwork on perfection in making it

Honest on Result that bring substantial value


Respect the beliefs and the value added by the individual

Humility to be treated as equal irrespective of physical, mental, culture and nation

Fairness in dealing with all business stakeholders

Nurturing the individual in technology and communication to transform into a leader

Freedom in expressing ideas and make them happen